JJ’s Drum Shop Mission Statement

J.J.’s Drum Shop takes the potential problems and added expense out of dealing with a pre-owned (used) drum kit.

Any used instrument should be checked by a pro for playability. JJ’s Drum Shop is run by professional drummers, and we take the following steps to ensure our customers’ pre-own drum kits are inspected, tuned, and ready to play:

• Check for any stripped or worn fittings ( lugs ,tuning rods, mounts, clamps) then we repair or replace if needed.
• Check shells and bearing edges.
• Clean and polish shells.
• Tighten all fittings.

Most of our kits have new or slightly used demo heads( Remo or Evan’s)
No need to spend hundreds of extra dollars on replacement heads.

Many pre-owned drum kits in the private market are not playable and have potential problems getting back to performance condition, possibly costing you extra cash to repair. All of our kits are at a standard of performance quality.(Check out the various video demos available.)
Our pre-owned kits are considerably more of a bargain and better quality than many new kits at the box stores.
And no factory installed cheap drumheads, as many drum manufacturers stick you with! 

We thank our potential customers in advance and wish you to enjoy the experience of playing the drum set, one of the most fascinating, versatile, and influential instruments in the universe.

We wish you the Power of Rhythm!

JJ & Louie Bongo