07.18.2015 - Joe Perry - Aerosmith


Exciting News!

Joe Perry came by Lillo’s Music today, July 18, 2015, to say hi and check out the guitars. Aerosmith will be rocking out at the Shell Place MacDonald Park in Fort McMurray tomorrow night! We wish Joe and the band and his traveling crew a great time here in Alberta! Rock on!


Vic Lillo Jr with Hall & Oates!


Joe Perry of Aerosmith!


Corinne Lillo and Joe Perry!


Joe Perry visiting Lillo’s Music, again!


Glenn Gray, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Vic Lillo Sr.


Monica Lillo, Vic Lillo Sr., Joe Perry, Doreen Lillo, John, Josh, Corinne Lillo.


Kim and Vic Lillo with Paul Stanley from KISS.


Vic Lillo with Eddie Van Halen.


Vic and Van Halen.