ZZ – Gracy Red Sparkle 4 piece Drum Kit (JJ) – SOLD

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Gracy Red Sparkle 4 Piece Drum Kit
This Gracy Kit has been sold! JJ has refurbished kits regularly available for sale. Let us know if you are a looking for a similar kit and we will see what we can arrange for you!

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Gracy Red Sparkle 4 Piece Kit – Collectors Kit – Rare
Restored mid 1960’s
Very Good Shape

12″ Tom
14″ Floor Tom
20″ Bass Drum with Cymbal Mount
14″ Chrome Snare
1 Cymbal Stand
1 Snare Stand
1 Hihat Stand
1 Bass Pedal
1 Ride Cymbal -Sabian B8
1 set HiHat Cymbals – Sabian B8

The shells are made out of a Japanese Mahogany veneer. The original
snare is not available, but comes with a Tama chrome/steel snare.